Complaints, Compliments and Comments

Your view matters

If you have something you’d like to discuss with us, we encourage you to use the forms below to submit your comments. This can be done confidentially but it is always best to provide your contact details so we can work with you to resolve any concerns or complaints.

Whatever your comments, we are committed to investigating your concerns and complaints by dealing with them in a swift and professional way.

Our process:


  • Stage one: complaint heard by staff member (though not the subject of the complaint);
  • Stage two: complaint heard by head teacher;
  • Stage three: complaint heard by complaints appeal panel.

As part of our complaints procedure, we will:

  • establish what has happened so far, and who has been involved;
  • clarify the nature of the complaint and what remains unresolved;
  • ensure a full and fair investigation by an independent person where necessary;
  • respect your desire for confidentiality;
  • address all the points at issue and provide an effective response and appropriate redress, where necessary;
  • provide information to the school’s senior management team so that services can be improved.