Curriculum Information

At Willow Wood Primary School we have established, and are continuing to develop, a bespoke curriculum that meets the needs of individuals and groups of pupils whilst also meeting the requirements of the national curriculum. We provide our pupils with a broad, rich and balanced curriculum, which promotes the spiritual, moral, mental, cultural and physical development of pupils. The curriculum promotes  British values, tolerance,  a  respect for other faiths and also helps the children to develop an understanding of democracy.

Our curriculum is planned to enable our pupils to gain a breadth of essential knowledge and understanding with skills being intertwined; thus enabling our pupils to be next stage ready- including meta-cognitive and social skills.

Our challenging and creative curriculum is designed to develop children as independent learners, to ensure that they are engaged and have a love for learning. Cross-curricular links are exploited to show pupils how skills and knowledge can continuously be transferred from subject to subject. Throughout the year visits, visitors and special events further enhance the curriculum.

We teach through a topic-based approach. Each half term each class chooses a topic which is explored in line with the interests of the children. The Key Stage Two topics can run for a full term.

To guarantee suitable coverage of national curriculum objectives we use curriculum opportunities, milestones and skills. They are monitored closely by subject leaders and this helps to provide continuity, progression and personalised learning experiences for children as they move through the school. Teaching uses a variety of strategies including whole class, collaborative group work, pairs and individuals. We place a strong focus on developing children’s basic skills and on the development of those skills through a practical and an enquiry – based approach to learning.

We recognise that English, mathematics and science are fundamental to our pupils’ education. Where possible these core subjects are linked to the creative curriculum themes. However essential discrete skills and knowledge, at times, will need to be taught and learnt.

Booster classes, specialist teaching and extra provision in a range of curriculum areas allow pupils to find their passion and extend their learning. Events for groups of pupils are regularly offered throughout the academic year. Details of weekly clubs can be found in the ‘Clubs and ‘Extra – curricular Activities’ sections of this website.

Parent workshops, parent-pupil consultation evenings, productions, festivals, enterprise events, home-school reading books and homework are some ways that parents are encouraged to be involved in their pupils learning. Across the school homework, including spellings or phonics, is set weekly.


The pupils in EYFS and KS1 are taught Phonics from the Sounds~Write programme.

How we adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of individuals and groups of pupils

At the beginning of each year staff are required to make the curriculum bespoke to their class. This is initially influenced by whole school priorities for improvement, the result of data analysis and the outcomes of general monitoring. Thereafter, the curriculum is adapted as a result of on-going assessments, monitoring and half termly data analysis. Interventions and support are put into place for individuals and groups. Groups may include those who receive the Pupil Premium, target pupils, underachieving pupils or those who need emotional / behavioural support.

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Curriculum Statement

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If parents or anyone would like to know more about the school’s curriculum, you can contact the headteacher at the school on 0191 549 1509

The school’s curriculum is adapted from the National Curriculum and the information and content can be found by clicking the link below.

SATs Information

Key Stage 1 SATs Test

Key Stage 2 SATs Test

Information for parents – 2018 National Curriculum Tests Key Stages 1 and 2